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CAPITAL FUNDS INVESTMENTS is a licensed money lender that connects you with urgent cash resources you need to lighten your debt and start bettering your life. We believe clients should not be held back from the future they deserve because of unfavourable circumstances. Our variety of personal loans or business loans provide you a second chance — the chance for you to get ahead in life.

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Over the year, we have provided personal loans and business loans for a large number of clients and they have trusted our services. They chose us because we put emphasis on delivering efficient and friendly services, lending a helping hand to those in need with the right financial solutions.

Capital Loan Temporary loan for property


licensed lender that connects you with urgent cash resources

Capital Funds Investments As Your fast cash loan Provider!

We have a team of highly experienced, friendly financial specialists who tailor every fast cash loan to our clients’ needs. Compare to banks, we are able to approve you with a personal loan or business loan with a faster turnaround time. We work under a strict code of rules and ethics set by the Ministry of Law. We are 1 of the 156 licensed money lenders in Singapore and we provide details documentation, contracts and receipts for all our loans and payment proceeding.

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If you are looking for a fair, reliable and fast money lender, contact us today! We will be able to provide you with competitive interest rate and while adhering to the rules set by Ministry if Law.We have provided money loans for a large number of clients who trust our services. They chose us because we put emphasis on delivering efficient and friendly services, lending a helping hand to those in need with the right financial solutions.

The Premier Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

As authorised and regulated by Singapore’s Ministry of Law (Minlaw) Licensed Legal Money Lender in Singapore, or Moneylender, we have a proven track record of providing fast unsecured money loans to those in desperate need of it. Whether it is a business loan to help you grow your business loan, a payday loan to help you tide over an unforeseen circumstance, or a foreigner loan you need because standard institutions do not trust you, we are here for you.

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We are here to help you with your financial troubles and provide you with the loans you need legally. We offer fast cash loans for those in Singapore who need it but cannot afford to either go through all the hoops the banking system requires or to endure the long wait. Whether you need a quick infusion of cash for car repairs or for a medical emergency, Capital Funds Investment is the right person for the job.

Advantages of borrowing from us

Capital LoanNo minimum or maximum loan amount, we will try and accommodate whatever you need.

Company LoanBusiness loans are open to both local and foreign owners.

SME LoanNo minimum annual turnover required!

How to apply

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Fill up our CFI Loan Application Form. Attach all the necessary documents based on personal loan or business loan requirements.

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We will verify your loan application, eligibility and loan documents. Personal loan usually take 30 minute to verify. Business loan usually take 2 hours to verify and approve.

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Get Credited

Go to our office to collect your money by cheque or cash.Once the loan is approved, visit our office and our loan consultant will brief you on all the loan contract. Collect your money by cheque or cash once you signed the personal loan contract / business loan contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone apply for a loan from CAPITAL Funds Investments?

Yes. Anyone can apply a loan from us with the relevant and verified documents.

Pay Day Loan

What is the amount that I can borrow?

It depends on your monthly salary and whether you are our long-term customer.

Housing loan

I have a bad credit status, can I apply?

Yes, once we verify your original documents. Usually for personal loan it can be approve within 30 minutes.

Low Interest Loan

How much are the interest rates?

Interest rates are dependent on the type of loan you undertake. Our personal finance specialists will provide you more information during your loan application.

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